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  Was Jesus Christ the Son of God or a Lunatic or a Liar?

Lets look into the possibility that Jesus was a Lunatic.

In that case He truly believed all the claims that He made.  But if He believed them and was not the Son of God then He would have to have been a lunatic.  No one in their right mind would make the claims He did and risk death for no gain. 


When we look at Jesus' life we can see something special about His character.  He was very wise.  A lunatic is the opposite of wise.  We can find lunatics in asylums who sincerely believe that they are God.  This is called "divinity complex" and is a recognized form of psychopathology.  These people have the following traits:  egotism, narcissism, inflexibility, dullness, inability to understand and love others as they really are and creatively relate to others.  This sounds nothing like the personality of Jesus.

Could He have been a liar?

He would have then fully known what He was saying about Himself was untrue.  He would have deceived His followers on purpose.  These are people that He told to trust Him with their eternal destiny.  If He could not have fulfilled His claims and knew it, then He was totally evil.  In addition, He would have been a fool because it was His claims that caused Him to die on a Roman Cross. 


As we look at the life of Jesus we can see that He was not evil but unbelievably good.  He was morally impeccable and had all the virtues, both soft and hard, tender and tough.   Beyond all this is the fact that He lived on the streets, was attacked by mobs of people, cursed and finally died a torturous death.  What would make a evil and selfish liar do that?  No one in there right mind would go through that for a lie.

He is not a liar or a lunatic. He is the Son of God!

This is very good news for us. The claims that He made were true and this gives us hope. 



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