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Where are Jehovah's people on the Web?  Has this wonderful media to reach people for Jehovah been abandoned?  These are questions that I had.  So I created this site to help Jehovah's people to do the work of the Kingdom.  This site is not an official site of the Watch Tower Society but I hope you find the information helpful.

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The following are powerful answers to questions that may be asked as you go door-to-door and proclaim the Kingdom!  They are tough questions but if you are prepared you will be able to serve Jehovah well:


Are my dead family members really in hell?


Why are there so many churches and Bibles?


How did the Romans expect Christ Jesus to die?

Are my dead family members really in hell?


This is a very common question.  They are looking for any answer but YES.  This allows you to assure them of Jehovah's promised new world.  Be ready...They may show you all the verses where Jesus talks about hell or everlasting punishment.  Like Matthew 25:46 or Mark 9:42-48.  These verses do look like there is everlasting punishment but how can there be?  Ask the person if they think that a loving God would put anyone in eternal torment and then move back to Jehovah's new world.

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Why are there so many churches and bibles?


Be very careful when you answer this question.  You do not want the person to think that the Society is just another church trying to get them to join.   Tell them about the NWT and how it is the only one that you use.  It is special and that you would be happy to teach them the truth with it.

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How did the Romans expect Jesus to die?


We understand that Christ Jesus died on a torture stick but there is a potential question you will be asked because of John 19:32,33.  In these verses the Jews did not want the bodies left out on the Sabbath so they asked the Romans to break their legs. The questions you may be asked is why would the Roman soldiers come to break their legs?  What purpose would it serve?  Lets look into this question in more detail.  You will need your NWT or a copy of the Watchtower with a picture of Christ Jesus on a torture stick. 

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