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Welcome to Personal Evangelism!


We believe in the use of Christian Tracts to spread His word around the world. Most importantly we believe that the use of God's Law when witnessing is critical!  Some ideas and methods within these pages may seem simple and others may sound strange at first.  We urge you to try them.  May God bless your personal ministry and the Holy Spirit's power be strong in you.


God's Law - The 10 Commandments are one of the most powerful witnessing tools Christians have.  Learn why you should be using them.


Keys to Witnessing - These are powerful pages that will move you to the next level in your witnessing.  We discuss preparation, how to witness and disciplining new believers.


How to Use a Tract - "Tract Tips" that we got from the American Tract Society.  This page will help prepare you for our "Bathroom Ministry" Page.


Tell Them Poem - This powerful poem will help you to focus on the mission our Lord gave is to do.


The Christian Walk - This page will help you talk to new Christians their walk with Jesus.

Ray Comfort's Monthly Column - Now you can easily read Ray's monthly column on our to your website. Each month (usually around the 15th of the month) the column will change. The columns will vary quite a bit in length from month to month -- some being very long, and others being rather short.


Kirk Cameron's Monthly Column - Learn from Kirk on how to reach people for Christ.  Kirk was the star of the situation comedy "Growing Pains." He is now a mighty voice for our Lord.  Please take the time to read and learn and then do.


Bathroom Ministry - Outrageous and powerful ways to use tracts that will encourage you to and make giving out tracts easer.


The New Covenant - Prepares you to share the promises of God as well as refresh your heart for your Christian walk.


REACH - A seven-week evangelism training program that can be used in Sunday school classes or in one-on-one evangelism training.


Print Keys - We now have a printable version of our "Keys to Witnessing" for your next evangelism class.

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