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REACH the Lost! Relational Evangelism and Christian Hospitality

REACH is a seven-week program that can be used in Sunday school classes or in one-on-one evangelism training. We wrote this course to help equip churches and ministries that are looking for a easy to use training program or cannot afford one of the commercially produced programs. REACH can be used free of charge and the pages are non-copyrighted.

Please email us if you plan on using the REACH program at your church.


  • Introduction to Witnessing.
    • What is witnessing?
    • Why witness?
    • Who do we witness to?
  • Using God's Law.
    • Review and presenting the Ten Commandments.               
  • Tools in Witnessing.
    • Review of nine different tools for effective witnessing.
  • Common Questions about Christianity.
    • Answers to six common questions.
  • Cults and World Religions - Part One.
    • Overview of three world religions and witnessing tips.
  • Cults and World Religions - Part Two.
    • Overview of four popular cults and witnessing tips.
  • One On One Scenarios.
    • Exercises to help build your witnessing techniques.
  • Appendix
    • Chart of Different Religious Beliefs.
    • Additional Reading.
    • Leaders Notes.