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Thank you for visiting this page. We are sorry but we need to temporarily suspend mailing these kits due to shipping costs. We hope to bring this service be back soon. Thank you for your understanding.



Our mission is to help equip the saints to do the work of the ministry.  So we are very pleased that by the grace of our Lord that we can offer the "STM Witnessing Kit" to Christians worldwide for free.  This Kit will help you start your own tract ministry and assist you in increasing the effectiveness of your witness for Christ.


The kit includes:

  1. 30 tracts

  2. Keys to witnessing

  3. Pro-Choice leaflet

  4. Subscription to the STM Newsletter




To request a kit just click on the picture of one of the tracts below.


**Please go to our request another pack page if you have already received a packet of tracts.**



"Free" Tract


wpe10.gif (11275 bytes)

THE REVERSE SIDE ASKS...Can this game piece really get you out of jail?  Jail is a punishment for breaking the law.  Soon God will judge everyone by His Law and the guilty will spend eternity in a jail known as Hell. Then it goes into God's Law.


Suggestion...Great for Prison Ministry, Troubled Youth, and the Elderly.

"Sign" Tract

STM - Sign Tract.JPG (68152 bytes)

THE REVERSE SIDE ASKS...Have you been waiting for a sign from Heaven or a burning bush?  God may be using this card to keep you from a eternity in Hell.  Soon God will judge everyone by His Law. Then it goes into God's Law.


Suggestion...Use this tract for New Age or someone that is Procrastinating.

"Better" Tract

wpe2.jpg (8233 bytes)

REVERSE SIDE...Of course this is a ridiculous statement. You know that Hell is a place of everlasting punishment but do you know if your headed there? Then it goes into God's Law.


Suggestion...Use this tract for Troubled Youth or Satanic Cults or Gangs.



Need more then 25 tracts?