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May our Lord Jesus Christ be glorified by our obedience.   

The Halloween Story

It was a bright autumn afternoon. There was a slight chill in the air and the leaves on the trees were changing. Bobby was coming home from school and noticed all the orange and green decorations in the storefront windows and on the houses. He could not help but to think about this being his last year. He was getting to old for dressing up and going trick or treating but he will certainly miss all the free candy. He also felt a strong need to go out one more night.

On his front porch is a newly carved jack-o'-lantern on the front porch. This is the best year yet; the whole house is decorated with ghosts and goblins. Inside the front door is a bowl filled with candy. His Mom yells "Leave the candy for the kids!" Bobby grabs a hand full of candy and runs up to his room to get changed. He went all out this year because it was his last. He had ripped clothes, an knife, and lots of fake blood. All he could think about was scaring the little kids and getting the candy.  This is the night that he could get away with the the things that he was normally not allowed to do.  He was going to have fun! The night went too fast but he has lots of great candy and will not ever forget the look on those kids' faces when he jumped out of the bushes.

The next day at school Bobby sees Jeff in the cafeteria. They had always went trick or treating together but last night Jeff was no where to be found. "You missed out on a great night last night," Bobby tells Jeff. Jeff answers, "No…I have out grown that stuff and anyway I had a better night then you did. I was with Victor last night and we had a real Halloween night." "Who's Victor?" Bobby asks. "He's a great guy…Do you want to meet him?" Jeff asks. There is a party tonight at Bill's house and Victor will be there. Bobby likes parties and agrees to meet Jeff there about seven o'clock. At the party Bobby meets Victor and he invites Bobby to a gathering the next Saturday night. It will be in an old run down building in the middle of the woods. Bobby knows that no one goes there because it is haunted but he did not want to look like a wimp at the party. So he agrees to go.

The next Saturday rolls around and Jeff takes Bobby through the woods and into the dark old house. There is a strange silence that night and Bobby can feel something different about this place. As they walk in Bobby can see Victor. He is standing in front of a box made of wood and it looks like he is still wearing last weeks costume. He has on a dark cape trimmed in gold with a black shirt and a strange looking thing on his head. Bobby also sees six other boys standing around Victor and there is an odor in the room. Bobby thinks that this could be from the many candles around the room. As they get closer to Victor, all the other boys sit in a circle around the box with a single unlit candle on it. Jeff joins the circle but Bobby stands a few feet away. What are they doing Bobby wonders to himself and why am I here?

Victor looks at Bobby with eyes that seem to be blacker then anything he has ever seen. Victor then invites him to join the circle. Bobby is scared but also a little excited so he joins the circle. Victor smiles as Bobby sits next to his friend Jeff and takes his hand. Victor then lights the candle on the box and lifts his hands. Bobby can feel a tug on his hand from Jeff and the boy next to him to lift his hands. He gives in and lifts his hands. All the boys start to say some very strange words. They keep saying the same words over and over again. Soon Bobby learns the words and repeats them with the other boys. His arms are tired but he can feel a power growing from inside. He wants to keep going as the boys chant faster and faster and louder and louder. Then they stop. Bobby is exhausted and energized at the same time.

Suddenly there seems to be a gray image behind Victor. At first Bobby thinks it is Victors shadow but it is not moving with him. It looks like a man but it is about eight feet tall. There is also a very bad smell in the sulfur.  Victor then reaches into the box and pulls out a small bottle.  He raises it over his head and says what sounds like a prayer.  As he prays he slowly pours what looks like blood around the candle.  The design that Victor makes with the blood looks like a star although it is hard to tell. This was all looking too familiar to Bobby.  He turned to Jeff and said that this looks a lot like Halloween.  Victor stood when he heard what Bobby said and laughed.

Yes…Yes" Victor, said to Bobby. "Very good!  We worship our Lord each week the way that others worship Him once a year.  Halloween is our god's day.  Each year He shows His power by making people dress in costumes and perform special ceremonies that He created.  They read or watch stories about killing and torture.  He is so pleased.  His greatest joy is to see little children dressed up for Him.  He knows that their parents are fooled into thinking that it is just for fun. What they do not realize is that it is for His pleasure and is His day.  Many will learn to follow Him from the seeds that are planted on each Halloween.  We, my good friend Bobby, are the fruit of those seeds.  Year after year you and I went house to house as the early Druids did to celebrate the power of darkness.  Now Bobby, it is your time to join us and follow our god!"  At this point the boys next to Bobby and Jeff get ready because they know that they must not allow them to leave the house if they reject the invitation.  Bobby and Jeff must join the brotherhood or else.

In his heart Bobby knew that Victor was right about Halloween.  His Pastor had told everyone the same thing a few weeks ago!  Now what was he going to do?  He must decide to stay or go.  He must choose between Victor and his god and the true living God.  Bobby remembered how wonderful it felt when he asked Jesus Christ into his heart.  He said a quick prayer to his Lord for strength.

As he looked towards Victor he noticed that the image behind him had vanished. He quickly looked directly into Victor's cold eyes and said that he wanted no part of his god the devil.   He knew that the devil is the prince of lies and anyone that follows him will end up in Hell.  He turned to Jeff and asked him to go with him.  Jeff also knew the peace that is only found in Jesus and believed that he would be forgiven if he just asked.  All the other boys in the room felt something or someone pressing down on their shoulders so they could not stand. Bobby and Jeff left together, ran home and never returned.

Bobby and Jeff left together and never returned. They learned an important lesson that night about Halloween. Jesus said "No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other." (Luke 16:13a)

Who do you love and who are you loyal to? Halloween may seem like nothing but fun. Then ask yourself who is honored by it? If you are a Christian then the answer will be clear. If you are not a Christian but realize that you have been following Satan and would like to learn more about God's love for you then please visit:



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