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This page is dedicated to testimonies of how God is using WebTracts.  With your help we can reach more people for Christ.


I found your URL in a certain "sex" Message Board!!  I jumped to your site where I found great articles which truly affected me!!  My comment is that the Internet is a really amazing media, once you try the first "bad" site, you become tied to this, which affect all aspects of your life... Many of my friends are true Christians but suffer from this, like me too...

It is a good thing to find a place that makes you remember that you were born FREE and that you can still be free...I need to say that you will find many people insulting you in such Message Boards... Never mind, just keep posting, you will never loose and you will WIN!!!

I will promote your site with my friends... If you need any help, please tell me...

Always pray for people SUFFERING from the "bad" sites in the Internet and for me...



This page was meant to be devoted to testimonies only but I wanted to share this story with you.

I was talking to a group of people and one of the ladies told us not to eat anything from KFC. She said that they were using chickens that do not have a head, feet, or feathers. Genetically engineered this way and kept alive by tubes. She had heard this from someone that had heard it from someone that got a letter from a nurse. From a nurse so it must be true!

When I heard it...I laughed. She got mad and we dropped it. (Not a very Christian way to handle it!) Later I heard the same story from someone else. It had gotten all around this group. One person had not eaten chicken for over a month...any chicken! He truly believed this story and said to me "You can't prove it is not true!" So I went out on the web to a Hoax Web page and found it. There is a hoax email being sent around about KFC chickens. Someone's wife is a nurse got this email from the Head Nurse at her hospital. A Head Nurse!

Anyway, I printed off the hoax page and I think that everyone is now okay with chicken! This made me think of the power of the Internet. People seem to believe anything that is on the Web. It is much like TV..."They would not be allowed to say it if it were not true." Think about it...I did not need to take these people to the KFC chicken farm. All I did was give them another document from the Internet and they believed it.

There are so many "Hoaxes" out there...Atheism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Islam, pro-choice, porn, etc.  We can and should use this power of the Internet for the Truth. This experience has proved to me that using things like our Webtracts and emailing people is a wonderful way to spread His truth.  We need to use the Web for God!


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